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and Group Yoga

Yoga is an ancient and meditative practice. It has sustained into our modern culture due to the practice’s unique and incredible ability to cultivate a deeper mind-body connection, alleviate physical and mental tension, and stimulate strength and flexibility. A yoga practice involves combinations of breath work, physical postures, and a meditative focus. Participating in a yoga is often described as moving meditation. Yoga cultivates mindfulness through movement and breath; allowing participants enhanced clarity of present moment sensations, feelings, and emotions. Yoga can calm the nervous system, improve mood, and increase self-compassion. A yoga practice can also provide unique avenues for physical challenge and growth; with opportunities to flow, play, and have fun while taking care of the body.


  • Vinyasa style
    Faster paced more challenging yoga flows.

  • Slow Flow
    Slower paced longer-holding yoga flows

  • Yin / Restorative
    Postures are held for extended periods of time to promote release, and to calm body and mind

Facilitated by Taylor Beardsall M.Ed Art Therapist, RYT-200, YogaMedics and YogaCalm for Youth Certified instructor, yoga sessions can be tailored to needs and backgrounds of individuals and small groups of all ages. No experience necessary.