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Our Services

Integrative creative art therapy services to help all individuals regardless of race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or life circumstance.

Individual and Group Art Therapy

Art therapy is an active and engaging approach to exploring our human experience. In art therapy, the process of creating and meaning-making is more important than the final product. With the support, guidance, and care of the art therapist, art therapy can allow for a unique method of self-expression and communication. In art therapy, artwork is viewed as an extension of the artist who created it, imbued with both meaning and mystery.

Expressive Arts Workshops

Restorative, transformative, and engaging experiences utilizing a variety of visual art mediums and focusing on: Mindfulness, Creative Writing, Songwriting, Eco-Art and more!

Pop-Up Workshops +

In Services:

While we are building and creating our collective studio space, we can bring our therapeutic and expressive art services to you! If You are looking for a dynamic team-building experience, or seeking to enhance creative thinking at your organization - our therapists and healing arts facilitators can create a specialized workshop for your setting and needs. Engagement in creative arts therapies can increase self-esteem, improve communication, and reduce stress.

Open Studio Art Therapy

Studio art therapy provides the freedom of an art studio and the support of an art therapist.


Under the guidance and wisdom of an experienced Board Certified Art Therapist, we offer arts-based individual and group supervision for art therapists.

Individual and Group Counseling

Client and therapist work together to analyze problems and develop solutions, define and achieve personal goals, and understand and adapt to life changes.

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