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     Solstice Healing Arts Collective is an inclusive space that offers an integrative, holistic approach to healing.  We provide creative and mindful experiences for individuals and groups to participate in the transformative power of the healing arts. Our collective seeks to provide and make creative art therapy services more accessible in our community.


     The solstice is the time when the sun is at the highest and lowest points in the sky, and as a collective we are here to provide support across the continuum of the highs and lows of an individual’s journey.  Our multidisciplinary art therapists can help people find balance, grow towards their goals, and promote overall well being. Solstice Healing Arts Collective provides a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to explore creative arts therapies, to connect to community, and to thrive. It is our vision to create a therapeutic physical space to provide integrative creative art therapy services to help all individuals regardless of race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or life circumstance.

    At Solstice Healing Arts Collective we deeply believe in and are committed to sharing the power of the healing arts to create transformation, self-discovery, and personal growth.  Our collective of art therapists came together from diverse backgrounds, and offer a variety of creative approaches to wellness including: art therapy, yoga, meditation, music, songwriting, and eco-therapy.  As a collective, we aimed to create a space for other healing arts facilitators to make their services more accessible to the community including but not limited to dance/movement, creative writing, drama/improv, herbalism, reiki, and more.  These may take the form of workshops, classes, and pop-up events. As advocates for the creative arts therapies and other healing arts , we believe that through community and support we can share the immense value these service can provide. We are dedicated to bringing creative expression, kindness, connection, safety, and joy to our community.


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